New Fish Art - Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle Gyotaku - Richie Gudzan

New art featuring some Jack Crevalle (or Jack"s" Crevalle - not sure on the grammar there). Had some fun printing these little bastards. Actually, it's just one of these little bastards, replicated 9 times on two different panels. I was trying to catch a keeper snook after finishing an art exhibit in Naples, FL earlier in the year, and kept hooking into these tackle-busting jacks instead. They pull like a freight train pound for pound, but not so fun when you're on a mission for something else. Anyway, I'd never used one for a painting so figured the iridescent color would be a fun study. I also decided to eat this one after the initial monotone print was pulled just so I didn't feel wasteful and disrespectful - which I did, and would not recommend if you're curious... pretty oily.

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